Thursday, May 08, 2008

Karl Franzens University Graz, Austria

From 01.03-01.04.2008 I was awarded a Teacher CEEPUS scholarship for the Karl Franzens University of Graz. It was an excellent opportunity for me to present and talk about my researches and my expertise in the field of digitization. I had some 5 lectures at the University Library at the end of my stay as a CEEPUS scholarship:

Mittwoch, 26. 03., 14:00 h - 17:30 h
1. Optical Character Recognition of Slavic Rare Books: An introduction to Pattern Recognition Techniques on Rare Books written in non-existing languages i.e. old Macedonian
2. The use of digital camera in the process of Rare Books Digitization: An introduction of the Abbyy Finereader 9.0 and it's new features in Second-generation Digital Camera OCR
Donnerstag, 27.03., 15:00 h - 18:30 h
3. EBSCO database: Visual search 2d Vs 3D interface and possible future 3D graphical interface for Digital Libraries
4. How to promote your library in the Web 2.0 digital environment using social tools: Blogger, Facebook, MySpace

Freitag, 28.03., 13:00 h - 16:30 h

5. Digital preservation challenge: An historical overview of the various research initiatives and some recommended solutions by international teams of scientists dealing with the subject

During the month spend in Graz I had some interesting meetings with the people from the Information Science field: Dr. Karl Zotter (the Director of the University Library with whom I have talked about the preservation problems of the library material), Mr. Karl Lenger (Head of the Digitization Centre – TRAVENTUS scan robot used at the centre – very interesting approach but some software improvement can be (should) be done), Mr. Erich Reinhard and Mr. Manfred Mayer from the VESTIGIA manuscript center (I had worked with the digitization stand that uses digital camera for digitization of Manuscript, Rare and Fragile books).

Anyway, just before the end of the stay I had a meeting with Mr. Hubert Stigler (about the use of FEDORA at the Uni Graz) and Mr. Branko Tosovic (GRALIS Corpora Linguistics).

Last but not least, I would like to thank my CEEPUS coordinator Mr. Peter Deutschmann who puts a great deal of effort to help foreign scholars without whom all these meetings would be impossible and unfruitful.


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