Thursday, June 21, 2007



The themes of this year's conference where

Part I. Users and Use of DL.

Part II. Economics and digital libraries.

I have meet a lot of people over there and again actively participated with my "futuristic" poster about OCR done with cheap point and shoot digital camera. A lot of people where again interested in my work (some of them where skeptical about the whole issue) and my researches. Well, I can only tell you that my researches are distinguished and they have great results, sometimes better than most of the expensive scanners used at International Libraries.
Since most of my work was done almost 2 years ago you should check the site of ABBYY who has recently published the tips&trick for using your digital camera for OCR!
Well, I was always a way a head of time (and it seems that that my biggest problem in finding a decent job around the world) and I am very aware of that but as M.C. Escher would have said:
"Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible."

Kind regards,

Dimitar Poposki,
one of the few OCR Specialists in the whole world :)

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